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Dustless Blasting

Dustless blasting Tacoma
If you’re looking for a safer, faster, cleaner sand blasting solution, then you want the dustless blasting Tacoma turns to when the job matters most. At Echo Blast Dustless Blasting Inc our technicians use state of the art dustless blasting that improves on sand blasting in every way. In addition to getting the job done faster, our methods produce less dust, are more flexible, are safer to use around other workers and safe for operators, and leave your surface clean and chloride free.

How does dustless blasting work?

Our equipment mixes water with the abrasive compound. This greatly reduces excess back-spray while keeping dust contained. It also allows the job the be performed faster, and any abrasive that doesn’t float in water can be used. We prefer the safest compounds whenever possible to limit exposure for our technicians and anyone in the vicinity.

  • Dustless blasting is faster than sand or soda blasting.
  • Dustless blasting does not warp metal.
  • Additives can leave a perfect paint ready surface. 

  • Dustless blasting is safe for the environment.
  • Dustless blasting can be performed around other workers.
  • There is no risk of silicosis with dustless blasting.

Dustless blasting is faster, cleaner, and greener. 

Isn’t it time you got better results without sand and soda drawbacks?

Dustless blasting is the fastest, most cost effective surface preparation tool available. It can remove virtually any type of coating from any surface quickly without creating heat or a dust plume.

Take advantage of the safer sand blasting alternative!

Our equipment can utilize abrasives free of silica, preventing silicosis associated with crystalline silica in standard sand blasting abrasive. This keeps you and your workers safer. Adding water to the mixture also reduces friction. This makes dustless blasting in Tacoma perfect for thin metal work by eliminating the chance of warping. By using an added rust inhibitor we can leave metal surfaces completely ready for painting, but that’s just the beginning. Dustless blasting is also perfect for:

  • Cleaning metallic surfaces like aluminum, steel, and iron.
  • Safely cleaning fiberglass even on waterborne craft.
  • Removing graffiti without harming the surface beneath it.
  • Wood restoration and removal of stains, paints, and more.

  • Job sites with multiple employees in close proximity.
  • Job sites where environmental debris is a concern.
  • Safer for your employees.
  • Faster than traditional sand blasting.

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For experienced local dustless blasting, Tacoma has fast access to one of the best paint stripping and cleaning options around. Whether your project is automotive, commercial, industrial, or home based, we’ll provide a thorough, safer, and much cleaner alternative to traditional blasting techniques. Don’t let past technology slow you down. Call (253) 468-7634 or contact us today.

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