On-site Hydroplane Restoration Dustless Blasting

This is the Pay-n-Pak hydroplane boat. The Boeing hydroplane museum was restoring it. The boat is constructed of light weight aircraft aluminum. They needed to strip the paint without creating heat and damaging the aluminum hull. We blasted the boat inside the museum. We also blasted the fiberglass pontoons for the boat. On those we removed 7 layers of paint and stopped at the gel coat.

Echo Blast School Graffiti Removal

These pics are from graffiti removal for the Bainbridge Island School District. We removed graffiti off cinder block and brick walls without damaging the surface. We also removed graffiti from sidewalks and building foundations. They had previously tried to remove the graffiti with chemicals and were unsuccessful.

Dustless Blasting Fire Damage Concrete Floor Cinder Block Walls

This storage unit caught fire. All that was left was the cinder block walls. Dustless blasting was the only option to remove the smoke damage without damage to the cinder block or grout.

On-site 1969 Camaro Dustless Blasting Paint Removal

Dustless Blasting Mustang Fastback

Echo Blast Dodge Mopar on Rotesserie

This car was blasted onsite at the customers house. We blasted the undercarriage grease and undercoating and the exterior surfaces.

On-site Water Pump Dustless Blasting

1969 Chevy Truck Frame Dustless Blasting

Echo Blast 1955 Chevy Frame

Echo Blast 1957 Ford Restoration