Media Blasting Seattle

Media Blasting in Seattle by Echo Blast Dustless Blasting, Inc.

Safe, Innovative Media Blasting in Seattle.

Media blasting is an all-encompassing term for pressure cleaning rust, oxidation, or paint from hard surfaces like metal. Companies will use abrasive blast machinery like powerful compressors to clear away otherwise difficult-to-remove applications. This method is by far the best way to uncover bare metal without distorting it or releasing dangerous byproducts into the atmosphere.

Our mission is to provide dustless media blasting services to our Seattle customers that exceed expectations. We meet this goal by offering affordable, innovative solutions that consistently meet quality standards.

Our products will not harm your property. If for example, you are restoring a vintage car, this is a great way to safely strip the paint and rust from the body.  The process ensures a smooth finish without leaving behind harmful byproducts. At Echo Blast Dustless Blasting, Inc. we believe in dust-free media blasting because it doesn’t damage surfaces and won’t become airborne.

A Safe Alternative to Sandblasting.

Some companies may tell you that sandblasting is faster or more effective than media blasting, but this isn’t necessarily true. Our methods make media blasting just as fast or faster than traditional methods. Most notably, our media creates no risk of silicosis  – an occupational lung disease caused by inhaling crystalline silica dust. Sandblasting is increasingly falling out of favor due to its strong links to this condition.

  • Our media blasting techniques save time.
  • We can use additives that leave your surface ready for painting.
  • The media we use stays cool in hot conditions and will not warp the surface.
  • Our process is not harmful to wildlife, plants, or waterways.
  • We use safe methods; blasting around other workers does not pose health or injury risks.
  • Sand can cause lung irritation. The media we use poses zero risk of silicosis.

Our abrasive cleaning methods are safe and effective.

While soda and sand have been the standard for many years, they contain silica and other abrasives that decrease the quality and cause problems for human health and the environment. Our friction reduction techniques mean that the most sensitive metal surfaces will suffer no damage. Additionally, if you’re interested in preventing rust, ask about our rust inhibitors. We know the right methods to prepare your project for painting. Our media blasting is ideal for a diverse array of applications, including: