Media Blasting in Tacoma

Is your media blasting company harming your project?

media blasting tacoma
If your media blasting company of choice uses sand or soda they can seriously damage your project. Whether it’s machinery, a structure, or a vehicle, both have major downfalls. That’s why you should choose something different. At Echo Blast Dustless Blasting Inc we deliver dust-free media blasting in Tacoma that doesn’t damage. Choose a better blast media. Call us today.

Could your project benefit from dustless media?

The short answer—yes it can. That’s because our media is made from recycled materials and doesn’t use sand or soda. The material is also mixed with water as it leaves our blaster. This weighs the media material so it won’t become airborne. It also makes it much easier to clean up and allows work to be performed in a smaller space.

Why should I use Echo Blast Dustless Blasting Inc for my media blasting?

  • Our media blasting services are faster than soda and sand.
  • We can add additives that leave your surface paint ready.
  • The media we use will never get hot enough to warp metal.

  • Our process is safe for wildlife, plants, and waterways.
  • We can media blast around other workers without risk.
  • The media we use poses zero risk of silicosis like sand does.

Our media blasting is faster, cleaner, and greener.

Ditch soda and sand. There’s no silica in our abrasives and friction reduction techniques allow us to blast even thin metal projects. Rust inhibitors can be added. This leaves your project prepared for paint. Our media blasting is safe for a diverse range of applications including:

Contact us today for better media blasting.

Because it works better and faster it’s also very affordable. Stop wasting your money on outdated blasting technology and prep, clean, and polish your project the smart way. Call or contact us today for media blasting in Tacoma like you’ve never seen it before.