Sand Blasting Seattle

Sand Blasting

The techniques that sand blasting Seattle companies still use were invented over 100 years ago. Since then we’ve seen man walk on the moon, the creation of the internet, and a smarter, easier, and safer alternative to sand blasting. At Echo Blast Dustless Blasting Inc we specialize in the smarter way to strip surfaces. Not only does is it just as effective as traditional sand blasting, but it eliminates the major downsides.

Lung silicosis: The True cost of Seattle sand blasting.

Sand Blasting SeattleWhether you just like the familiar, or already have the equipment, sand blasting may not seem so bad. Have you really stopped to consider the downsides though? You want to protect your workers. Using a technique that risks their health shouldn’t be a standard part of the job. It’s not just a disservice, it’s an unethical choice that can negatively impact their entire lives.

Sand blasting uses silicon carbide. This creates silica dust that becomes airborne. It is the leading cause of lung silicosis, caused by the inhalation of crystalline silica particles. These particles can exist in the lungs for decades before major complications develop. It can affect the person sand blasting, and those around them.

This disease is debilitating and incurable. It causes nodular lesions and lung scarring that make breathing difficult. Depending on the stage it may cause anything from lung swelling to inflammation and fluid buildup. Lung capacity continues to degrade and frequently leads to death. The only way to stop this disease is by taking a stand against sand blasting. We can help.

The Safer Sand Blasting Alternative

Why risk it? Sand blasting Seattle vehicles, buildings, and equipment isn’t the way to strip and clean. You can achieve equal or even better results with dustless blasting. That’s not the only benefit though.

Dustless blasting benefits include:

  • Eliminate the risk of lung silicosis – Our methods use recycled ground glass instead of sand. This eliminates the risk of lung silicosis.
  • Eliminate airborne dust – Our equipment combines water with abrasive. This reduces airborne particles to nearly zero.
  • No risk of warping metal – Thin metal is warped by sand blasting. Using our method reduces heat with water and eliminates warping.
  • Get a paint ready surface – Mixing rust inhibitor in with the water removes chlorides and creates a paint ready surface.
  • Just as affordable – Not only does it take less time, our methods are cost comparative with sand blasting.

When you’re looking for sand blasting, Seattle has lots of options. None of them compare to our dustless blasting services. Get the faster alternative that provides, cleaner, safer, paint ready results. Call (253) 468-7634 or contact us today.