Sand Blasting Tacoma

Sand Blasting: Is it really your best option?

The techniques that sand blasting Tacoma companies utilize today were invented over 100 years ago. Since that time we’ve experienced the wide spread usage of automobiles, the creation of the internet, and a safer, smarter, and easier alternative to sand blasting. At Echo Blast Dustless Blasting Inc we specialize in the world’s leading blasting technique. Not only does it provide the same benefits as traditional sand blasting, but it comes with many more.

Lung silicosis: The true cost of Tacoma sand blasting.

Dustless Blasting SeattleWhether you already have the equipment, or just want a process you know, sand blasting might seem like the right choice. Have you considered the downsides though? Protecting your workers is important. Using a technique that can knowingly put their health at risk shouldn’t be another part of the job. It’s more than unfair, it’s unethical and can negatively impact the rest of their life.

Sand blasting creates airborne silica dust. This causes lung silicosis when workers inhale particles of crystalline silica. These particles can sit in the lungs for decades before serious complications develop. It can affect the person blasting, and anyone around them.

This disease is incurable and debilitating. It scars the lungs and causes nodular lesions which make breathing incredibly difficult. Depending on the stage it can cause lungs to swell, or inflame and fill with fluid. Lung capacity will continue to diminish and likely lead to death. The only way to prevent this is by taking a stand against sand blasting. We can help.

The Safer Sand Blasting Alternative

Why take the risk? Sand blasting Tacoma buildings, vehicles, and equipment isn’t the way to strip and clean. With our dustless blasting you get equal or better results when compared to sand blasting. Those aren’t the only benefits though.

Dustless blasting benefits include:

  • Eliminates the risk of lung silicosis – Our method uses ground recycled glass instead of sand. This means zero risk of lung silicosis.
  • Eliminates airborne dust – Our equipment combines the abrasive with water to eliminate airborne dust particles.
  • No risk of warping metal – Sand blasting can warp thin metal. The water in our method reduces heat and eliminates warping.
  • Get a paint ready surface – We can mix rust inhibitor to remove chlorides and leave your surface paint ready.
  • Just as affordable – Our methods are cost comparative with sand blasting, and takes less time.

When you’re looking for sand blasting, Tacoma has a lot of options. None of them are as beneficial as our dustless blasting services. Get the safer alternative that provides faster, cleaner, paint ready results. Call (253) 677-7923 or contact us today.