Soda Blasting Seattle

Soda blasting may be marketed as a better alternative to sand blasting, but that doesn’t make it your best option. You want to professionally strip wood, metal, brick and other surfaces without risking damage to the lower layers. Soda blasting in Seattle isn’t your best option. Choose Echo Blast Dustless Blasting Inc and find out why newer really is better.

Have you experienced the downsides of soda blasting?

It may have a reputation as an eco-friendly sand blasting alternative, but soda blasting does more harm than good. The easiest way to avoid these problems? Switch to dustless blasting. Before you choose which method to use for your next project, consider the following.

  • Soda blasting uses sodium bicarbonate, an alkaline. That means it is poisonous to nearby plant life and other vegetation. In order to negate these effects, you’ll have to properly rinse and clean the areas.
  • Soda dust collects in sensitive areas. From the light switch to the tachometer and ignition switch, soda dust will get everywhere. It can ruin parts, forcing you to replace them and driving up the total cost.
  • Containment may be required. In order to contain the blast radius, you may need to erect a blast tent.
  • Limited material lifespan. A little moisture getting in can ruin a whole pot of abrasive. Then you have to purchase more.
  • Soda won’t create a surface profile. Since it’s non-abrasive, soda bicarbonate will never deliver a ready surface profile.

The Better Soda Blasting Alternative!

Soda blasting SeattleDustless blasting is the best way to enjoy all of the benefits of soda blasting without the negatives. We can use a number of different abrasives to achieve the perfect finish for your material. Whether it’s stripping finish from wood or making metal finish ready, we can do it all.

Dust is never an issue, because our abrasives are mixed with water at the source. That means no tent required, and no worries about dust sensitivities. Our abrasives are also safe for the environment. Soda blasting isn’t just outdated, it’s obsolete.

Contact us for your soda blasting replacement today!

The future of surface preparation is here. Stop soda blasting. Your Seattle-based employees and projects deserve the faster, cleaner, safer, and effective dustless blasting solution. It’s not an alternative, it’s a successor. Call (253) 468-7634 or contact us today to get started.