Soda Blasting Tacoma

Soda Blasting

Soda blasting Tacoma
Soda blasting Tacoma
businesses market to you may be billed as a good alternative to sand blasting, but it doesn’t come without some major shortfalls. You want high quality stripping for metal, wood, brick, and other surfaces without damaging the layer beneath. There’s a better way than soda blasting though, and at Echo Blast Dustless Blasting Inc we just happen to specialize in it.

Have you experienced the downsides of soda blasting?

Despite its reputation as an eco-friendly stripping solution, soda blasting comes with some major downsides. The easiest way to avoid the following is by switching to dustless blasting. So before you choose Tacoma soda blasting for your next project, consider the following.

  • Sodium Bicarbonate is alkaline. That means it can harm nearby vegetation and plant life. The only way to avoid this is with proper rinsing and cleaning.
  • Soda dust will collect in sensitive areas. From the ignition switch, tachometer, light switch and more, you might find replacing affected parts significantly increases the cost of the service.
  • Containment may be necessary. In order to keep excess soda dust contained, you may have to erect a tent.
  • Limited usage time frame. It doesn’t take much for soda bicarbonate to clump. Before you know it you’re out an entire pot of abrasive.
  • Doesn’t create a surface profile. Because of it’s nonabrasive hardness, you’ll never achieve a surface profile with soda blasting in Tacoma.

Your Better Soda Blasting Alternative!

Dustless blasting can accomplish the same task as soda blasting with none of the hassle. We can use a wide range of abrasives so that you get the perfect finish for the material. Whether it’s stripping wood of finish or creating finish coating ready metal, we can do it all.

Since our blasting technique mixes with water, dust isn’t an issue. You won’t have to worry about sensitive components or tenting. We also use abrasives that are ecologically safe. That means no bare spots on the lawn afterwards. There’s no reason to use old methods like soda blasting any longer.

Contact us for your soda blasting replacement today!

The future of surface prep has arrived. Cut soda blasting—Tacoma doesn’t need it and dustless blasting is just as effective, faster, cleaner, and better for the environment. You couldn’t ask for more, so call (253) 468-7634 or contact us today to get started.